Coping With Change

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Coping With Change in Your Life

Coping with change can be challenging because it is so unpredictable. Just when everything is going smoothly something unexpected happens and it doesn’t feel comfortable. In order to cope with change, you need to accept it as part of life. Everything that occurs happens for a spiritual reason. At the time you may not know the purpose. It can make you feel helpless, frustrated and upset because you didn’t plan for this break in the flow of your life to happen.  

When a break in the flow of daily life happens, take a step back to consider the options. Even when you don’t like what is happening, change is part of life. Coping with change requires you to recognize that you are not powerless. You have choices: accept, resist, or take action. Change is the way you learn lessons in life. Ask yourself what the lesson is for you. Is the present change something you can accept? Or is it something you feel compelled to resist for a good reason? Identify that reason and determine if it is legitimate. Maybe you are just resisting because you don’t like it, yet you really don’t feel driven to take action. In the bigger picture of your life, maybe it isn’t that important. If your internal and spiritual guidance are compelling you to take action, make a plan that is for your greater good and the greater good of others and create change in response. Coping with change is about choice.

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