Stay at Home and Connect With Nature

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Stay at Home and Connect With Nature

During the corona virus outbreak, there are still easy ways to stay at home and connect with nature. Connecting with nature is very important for humans. It reminds us of the world beyond our modern technologies and electronic conveniences. All life is interconnected, but we often get so busy with urban living, we take the natural world for granted. This pandemic offers humans the opportunity to stay at home and connect with nature.

How do you reconnect with nature when you’re spending most of your time indoors? There are easy ways to connect with nature. The easiest way is to go outside. If you are able, take a walk and observe the nature in your immediate surroundings in a new way. Listen to the birds sing and watch them fly. Admire the squirrels swishing their tales. Look at the clouds moving across the sky. Feel the breezes caressing your face. Stick out your tongue and taste the rain drops. Let the warmth of the sun fill you with peace. If there’s a tree nearby, walk right up and put your arms around it. Place your hands on the trunk. Feel the strength and power.  Admire the beauty.

If you are not able to go outside, go on your balcony or porch to connect with nature. If you don’t have a balcony or porch, open a window or all the windows. Let air flow in as you gaze out. Fill your lungs with fresh air. The next time you go out for groceries, purchase a house plant. Nurture this plant as a reminder of nature at work, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. One plant is symbolically a mini miracle, a precious living creature. It doesn’t match the real thing, but watch documentaries about nature and our planet. During the pandemic, you can stay at home and connect with nature. Enjoy the beauty and inspiring variety of life on planet earth.

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