Collective Spiritual Power

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Collective Spiritual Power

Collective spiritual power gets ignored in our society because we are taught to focus on individual power. Collective spiritual power builds. The more people contribute, the more powerful it becomes. Politically, if only a few people vote, they are making decisions for the many. If multitudes of people vote, their voice is heard. Spiritually, every person matters individually and has power to create change. One person can make a difference. Many people also make a difference. Energy expands and grows. The more energy is focused on something, the more power it has. Focusing on negativity gives it power. Positive thinking and actions create and expand positive energy.

When a crisis or disaster occurs that impacts people and or the environment, humans tend to forget their differences and work together to help out in whatever way they can. Many pray, sending out positive energies for healing through their requests. Prayer is very powerful energy. When humans unite to pray or send healing energy in other ways like Reiki, they are practicing collective spiritual power, the power of many to create positive change for the greater good of all. Miracles happen as the energy expands with collective spiritual power.

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