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Being Respectful Spiritually

I grew up in a time when being respectful of other people was expected.  People were much more polite to each other, despite their differences. Overall, young people respected their teachers and elders. Politicians were considerate of differences with their colleagues and constituents.  Please and thank you were commonly used phrases. Cursing was for sailors. Being respectful has become a practice from the past, rather than common usage.

The time has come to reverse this trend of disrespect. Even if you disagree with another person, you can respond in a respectful way and agree to disagree.  Is someone is not being respectful to you and refuses to shift their approach, accept where they are and move on. Allow that person to be in their space and don’t try to change them. This is not your job; your job is to set an example for them of being respectful.

Sometimes the acts of another person will trigger an emotional response in you. Move through the emotion as a human response, into a spiritual space of love and acceptance. Love and accept yourself and others.  Remind yourself that you are a spiritual being in physical form and so is every other person on this planet. We all came here to grow and learn.  Being respectful is part of the learning process.

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