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Basic Spiritual Concepts to Guide Your Life

In the modern world there is a need to get back to basic spiritual concepts, simple and concise. Religious beliefs differ from spiritual concepts because religious beliefs are based on tradition that has been handed down and revised through time. Spiritual concepts do not belong to any religion and are not dogmatic. They don’t change over time and are not intended to control society. Spiritual concepts guide behavior rather than dictating how to behave. They are based on love not fear.

The most basic spiritual concept is that everything is interconnected. When all is said and done, humans are all made of the same stuff. So are animals, plants and inanimate objects. In Reiki this is called universal life force energy, but it doesn’t need to be labeled and it doesn’t matter what you call it. Everything is made of energy and all energy is connected.

Another basic spiritual concept is to choose to be loving in all you think, feel, say, and in all your actions. Life is about love and we are all intended to experience universal love in our lives. This is not to be confused with romance. Romance is a small component of something far greater than the individual. Universal love connects us all. Again, it doesn’t matter what label you use. Some call it God. Some use other names, but it is all describing the same thing, universal loving connection.

The final basic spiritual concept is energy expands and grows. It is by nature collective. This means all good deeds are not just for the good of the person or persons involved, but are for the greater good of all. When one person does something good, the energy expands and adds on to the good energy of another and another. This expansion is very powerful.

Living your life according to these three basic spiritual concepts will create peace and harmony for yourself and others.

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