Attract What You Desire

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Attract What You Desire

Attract what you desire with ease. It may appear something is getting in the way of achieving your dreams. First, become aware of your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking self defeating or undeserving thoughts, you are blocking the energy flow. Deep beliefs that began as thoughts may be the source of your problem, and you are the creator of your thoughts and beliefs. In order to attract what you desire, the energy needs to flow freely. It is time for you to shift and change your pattern of thinking and believing.

Most self defeating thoughts are about believing you are undeserving of what you desire, or that what you desire is impossible to obtain. If you believe you are undeserving of love, you will attract that energy because that is what you are sending out and like energies attract. If you believe something is impossible for you to obtain, that is the energy you are sending out.

You don’t even need to understand how you are blocking the energy flow. You just need to be aware you are doing it and consciously shift the energy. Repeat the following statement to yourself. “I deserve love (or money, or a good job, or whatever you desire.) Fill in the blank. If you feel resistance to the statement, continue repeating it, planting the seed. Follow your first statement with the following statement. “I trust that what I want and need will come to me at the right time, under the right circumstances.” Don’t spend time thinking about how you will attract what you desire. Trust that you will bring into your life what is right and good for you. Send out trusting energy. This is how to attract what you desire.

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