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Spiritual Guidance posted by Sedona Healer and Sedona Reiki Master Teacher, Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart in Sedona Arizona

The Interconnection of All Life

All are one. Humans are interconnected with each other and are part of the interconnection of all life. On the surface we have different facial features, different skin tones, different body shapes. Each of us is unique in appearance. Yet, we are all members of the same biological species. We may look, and think, and believe differently, have different social customs and religious practices, but when you go beyond appearances and practices, we’re all made of the same stuff, energy. Energy may not be visible. It may not be obvious. Yet, it is everywhere in everything, flowing and creating. With concentration and practice, the invisible force of energy can be felt. This is the essence of my practice, working with Universal Life Force Energy. Without it, nothing would exist. When connecting with Universal Life Force Energy, you get down to the essence and interconnection of all life. We humans are made of the same stuff as everything else. We may notice visible differences, but I suggest honoring our basic foundation as part of something far greater than ourselves and honoring the interconnection of all life. All are one.

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