How To Stop Negative Self-talk

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How To Stop Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk is very powerful. What you say to yourself, your inner voice, directs your life. If you constantly criticize yourself in your thoughts, it lowers your self esteem. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, it makes accomplishing that task difficult. Negative self-talk becomes a pattern that is challenging to break. What you tell yourself is what you create. The pattern can be broken.

To break the pattern of negative self-talk requires effort and awareness. Set an intention to become aware of your negative self-talk. When you are criticizing or demeaning yourself, gently turn it around and break the pattern. This pattern is a result of low self esteem and can be shifted. Every time you catch yourself in the pattern, remind yourself you are a worthwhile person and deserving of love. It may take awhile to shift the energy of your negative self-talk. You will be facing resistance from within to breaking the pattern. The pattern is based on supporting a deep belief that you are unworthy. Have patience. With enough effort the pattern of negative self-talk can shift. When it shifts your life will automatically improve. 

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