Sedona Healing Vortex Tours

Explore the spiritual energy of Sedona on a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour.

Since 1999, Healing From The Heart has guided spiritual travelers to Sedona vortex areas.
“Your vortex tour helped me feel at peace for the first time in years.”
Ann N. – New York City


Sedona Healing Vortex Tours with Healing From The Heart
(permitted by Coconino National Forest)

Healing From The Heart is the place to go for a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Sedona Healer, Cynthia Tierra. Experience and feel the energy at a Sedona vortex. Go off the beaten path, where you will learn a simple method to connect with the healing energy at a Sedona vortex.

Are you seeking a unique personalized spiritual experience? If a group vortex tour is not for you, choose a more flexible and personal option for yourself, a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart.

The purpose of Healing From The Heart is to go with you to a Sedona vortex and focus on your spiritual growth and healing.

Experience vortex energy with your own private guide, Sedona Healer, Cynthia Tierra. Heal and be transformed by the energies on a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour.

Learn a simple method, taught only by Healing From The Heart, to connect with the energy at Sedona vortex.


Going To A Sedona Vortex Can Change Your Life.

“The vortex had its own effect on me, and it was noticeable.My heart was shining full of a light that engulfed my whole body, and exploded into a whole new layer of energy, 8-10 feet larger than my regular aura. Most of all, I felt a sense that everything was beautiful like it should be. Like being a child again, on a sunny day.”
— Courtni H., pizzeria owner, Long Island, NY

“Cynthia is a wonderful guide to the land, and to the Truth of the heart.”
– Jan O, caregiver, Sedona, AZ

“When we arrived at the vortex, I felt the energy and knew amazing things were going to happen. I have been carrying so much pain and guilt all my life. I knew place to let it all go. I knew that this was part of letting go and a new beginning for my soul.” — Rachel E,  consultant, Scottsdale, AZ

“I felt very peaceful with you and nurtured. The vortex tour was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday and one I won’t ever forget.” – Margaret S, dog trainer, Dorchester, England

“I cannot begin to tell you how special you day was with you – healing, energy filled, spiritual, beautiful – all of Spirit’s good things given to me through you. Thank you for one of the most beautiful days in my life.” — Mary S, retired teacher,  Chicago, IL

“I really felt stronger and more empowered to help myself become healthier.  My husband also got a lot from our vortex tour and it opened up a great dialogue for us afterwards.”   — Veronica L, pharmacist, Ajo, AZ

“My experience in connecting with the land was a phenomenal experience because of Cynthia’s knowledge, her background, and her own connection with the land. Through her guidance, my soul connected with the vortex energy. Cynthia guided me in connecting with the Divine/Creation. In addition, I stood in a sacred circle she created for me at the end which she interpreted regarding my beingness. It was so ‘right on’ and encouraged me to trust in my connection with the land.” – J.P., tour guide, Sedona AZ 


Your Sedona Healing Vortex Tour

Going with Healing From The Heart on a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour is a once in a lifetime experience. Even if you go to the same Sedona vortex area more than once, your experience will be different each time. This is the fluid nature of the energy. Going to a Sedona vortex can be an indescribably moving spiritual experience. You may release what needs to go in your life. You may feel blissful. You may feel something more subtle that you can’t explain, like a deep sense of peace. Or you may feel the energy in a stronger, life affirming way. You will have the experience that is right for you. Some vortex areas are known for specific characteristics, such as healing or releasing pain, but this doesn’t mean you will have that experience. You will have your own unique experience.  On a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour I will show you a method to connect with the energy. Then you find a quiet space that calls to you. You may choose to address any challenges and issues in your life in the flow of vortex energy. Or just set an intention to open to the energies and what comes your way. The Loving Universe will provide what you need.


On a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour to the secret Earth Mother Vortex, enter her womb to safely release your burdens.


Call on ancient wisdom and balance your energy at Bell Rock vortex. Go to an area of very strong energy that tourists don’t know about.


Manifest your dreams at the Manifesting Stone Vortex, visited only on a Healing From The Heart Sedona Healing Vortex Tour. Experience Sedona vortex energy at the Manifesting Stone.


Clear your energy and set yourself free at Cathedral Rock vortex.

Every Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with  Healing From The Heart is different.The focus is on your spiritual needs. I will serve as your personal guide. The Loving Universe is my guide.

“I am blessed to live in one of the most spiritually healing places on earth, and to share these places with you on Sedona healing vortex tours.” Cynthia Tierra

Cathedral Rock Vortexcobra-rockClear

Experience Sedona vortex energy on a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart.

Sedona Healing Vortex Tours

Experience the healing energy at a Sedona vortex. Go with Cynthia Tierra (your personal guide) to a Sedona vortex or multiple vortexes and learn a method to connect with the energy.
We can spend all our time on a Sedona Healing Vortex Tour, or you can go to a vortex and choose from other services that you desire (Healing, Intuitive Spiritual Reading or Reiki Training.)

Rates are hourly or daily. There is no extra person charge.
$100 per hour
$300 per day (3 hours or more)

Note: Sedona Healing Vortex Tours require walking. If you have limited mobility, we will plan based on your abilities.

Look into your heart and see if I am the right guide for your Sedona Healing Vortex Tour.
contact me


Sedona Vortex Book

Want to learn more about Sedona Vortexes?

Sedona Vortexes A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler is written from a spiritual perspective.

For only $10.00, get vortex information that is not available from any other source.  This guidebook shares the knowledge of Sedona vortex areas, gained by Cynthia Tierra over 25 years. It contains everything you need to know about the vortex areas of Sedona, including a map.  Learn about ; The History of Sedona Vortexes; What Is A Vortex? How Vortexes Got Their Names; The Location of Sedona Vortexes.

To order a printed copy
(available only  in the continental United States)
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Healing From The Heart offers Sedona Healing Vortex Tours that honor the land and its sacred history.

Sedona Healing Vortex Tours with Healing From The Heart


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